About The Absorber

The absorber® is NOT a leather chamois. Nor is it a terry cloth towel. But it’s probably the best drying tool you’ll ever discover. The absorber® is made of a unique material called PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol). The secret of the absorbers® power is it’s amazing uniform, sponge-like pore structure throughout the product that enhances capillary action and gives the absorber® it’s super drying ability.

The absorber PVA Drying towel is resistant to most chemicals, oils and greases. Machine washable. Stores conveniently in plastic tube.

The absorber® was designed over 30 years ago to dry cars and trucks. It is the ORIGINAL PVA shammy. The super absorbent power of the absorber® not only dries your car quickly, but leaves a streak free finish behind. Once the absorber® is saturated with water simply wring it out and continue drying your vehicle. For the hood of your car we recommend that you lay the absorber flat on the surface and pull it across the hood, trunk, or car top. Let the absorber do the work for you as it sucks up the water as you move across the surface of your vehicle. You can fold the absorber to dry the side panels of your vehicle. The absorber can be used to dry the nooks and crannies of your vehicle. This is a distinct advantage over blade type and other drying devices.

The absorber® is reinforced with a mesh scrim for added durability and strength, but has NO surface fibres which makes it safe for all paint finishes. It also will not remove wax from your vehicle as you dry it.

Helpful hints:
• Before first use, rinse out thoroughly with warm water or wash in the washing machine. We recommend that you use liquid detergent in warm water. Do not dry in the dryer.

• Wring out the absorber® as well as you can and store damp in its tube so it’s ready to use any time or anywhere. Please note that the absorber is manufactured with an anti-mould and anti-mildew agent so if stored properly in its tube resists rotting. If you prefer to air dry your absorber® please know that the product will be stiff like cardboard when dry. This will not hurt the product. Simply re-wet with warm water to restore the absorber® back to its original softness. Do not try to pull apart or straighten the absorber® while it is dry. This may cause the product to crack. Again…. simply re-wet the product to restore it to its original softness.

• The absorber® is machine washable. Remember the absorber® is a sponge and the pores of the sponge can become clogged with oils polymers or debris it may pick up as you dry your vehicle or if it happens to fall on the ground. Routine washing of your absorber® is highly recommended. The more you wash it; the cleaner it stays; the better it works. We recommend that you use warm water and liquid detergent. Do not dry in the dryer. Simply wring out the product and store in its tube. If your absorber is not clean when you put it away it might acquire an odour, or even mildew. If this happens it will not affect the absorber itself. Just wash it with your regular wash using liquid detergent and ammonia. If soap residue remains, just rinse with a little vinegar. Soaking is not necessary.

• It may take some getting used to. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little. You can’t hurt it. Some people like to spread it out and pull it over the surface. Some like to use it folded like a pad. Others like to use it bunched up loosely in their hands.

The Absorber® is available in 3 convenient sizes;

33 x 43cm size is available in;
Blue, Natural, White, Pink, Green, Orange

70 x 44cm size is available in;
Blue, Natural, Red, Purple, Neon Yellow

74 x 46cm size is available in;
Blue, Tan

Dries anything faster and easier...
Probably the best drying tool you'll ever discover!
The absorber® award winning synthetic chamois leather. It feels like a chamois leather to the touch only it holds 50% more water & dries 20 times faster.

• Stores wet and ready-to-use in handy plastic tube.
• Unlike a chamois leather The Absorber can be stored damp in its tube so it is ready to use anytime or anywhere
• Dries small cars in 2 to 3 minutes
• Machine washable with regular laundry
• Absorbs 20 times faster and holds 50% more water than a chamois leather
• It won't scratch or remove wax and is lint free
• Resistant to most chemicals
• Unharmed by grease and oil
• Lasts for years with normal use
• Use it anywhere you'd use a towel, chamois or even a sponge
• Choice of professional valet companies
• Machine washable
• Holds an amazing half pint of water
• Available in up to 6 colours (depending on size product)