Dog Drying & Cooling Towel - The Absorber® Large 69 x 43cm
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The Large Absorber® 69 x 43cm dries anything faster & easier. Available in 6 colours.
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Dog Drying Towel

Easy Dog Drying & Cooling Towel.

Spend less time drying, you and your dog will love it!

The Absorber is the original super absorbent drying towel, it is tough & durable - resists mould, mildew, tearing and shredding. It can be machine washed & disinfected & stored in its own handy plastic storage case.

Whether you’re drying dogs at home, at the beach or in your grooming salon, you won’t find a better product! The Absorber® dries your furry friends faster and easier than other dog towels, keeping you dry and saving your good bath towels.

This superior dog drying towel is soft and gentle and features a uniform sponge-like pore structure that draws water from their coat like a magnet.

The Absorber is ideal for drying your dog after a bath or drying their coat and paws after muddy walks and it won't get tangled in doggy fur. Simply shake The Absorber off to remove the fur and rinse under the tap or throw it in the machine to clean.

  • SUPER-ABSORBENT: Dries better than any cotton or microfiber towels for dogs.
  • SOFT & SAFE: Keeps your dog comfortable and happy.
  • EASY TO WRING: Wrings easily and keeps working, no need for multiple towels.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: The Absorber can be used again and again as a dog drying towel, so it’s better for the environment than paper towels.
  • HAIR SHAKES RIGHT OFF: Save your washing machine from trapped hair.
  • SAVES TIME, ENERGY & MONEY: This absorbent towel for dogs does not go in the dryer, making it Eco Friendly, saving you precious time and money.
  • CONVENIENT: Packed in a tube for easy storing at home or when you're on the go.
  • COOLING: The Absorber can also cool on a hot day; run it under cold water and drape it over your dog or simply let them lay on it.

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Available in 6 colours.
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