The Glosser Microfibre Wet Wipes with Wax
Glosser Microfibre
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NEW! AMAZING Glosser Microfibre Wet Wipes with wax. A truly unique, waterless way to clean and wax your car.
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Spend less time cleaning & waxing your car.

The easy, waterless way to give your vehicle that last minute quick detail.

The glosser® is a non-woven, triceraphillic (3-layer), microfibre, it lifts light surface contaminants while it cleans and waxes your vehicle all in the same stroke. It truly is a unique product. The glosser® is great for wiping off surface dust, bugs, and road grime.

Key Benefits:

- No water or cleaning tools required
- Quick and easy to use
- Can be used anytime and on any finish
- Special microfibre and lubricants remove dust/dirt without scratching
- The cleaning action removes and traps the dirt deep in the microfibre while releasing wax to beautify and protect the paint surface
- Produces a showroom shine in minutes
- Stores easily in your glove box in it's resealable pack
- One wipe will clean and wax a family sized car
- Saves water and your pocket
- Eco Friendly
- Each resealable pack of Glossers contains 5 wipes, 32.5 x 62.5cm each
- Keep the glosser handy to renew the shine on your vehicle quickly.
- One pack will clean 5 family sized cars making it a cheaper alternative to spray cleaners.

Helpful Hints:

When using the glosser® use very light pressure and let the product glide over the finished surface. For best results use the glosser® in long straight lines.Turn wipe frequently. A final wipe may be necessary if wax residue remains. If your car or truck is excessively dirty make sure you wash it first. Do not use on glass.

How The Glosser cleans while applying hi-gloss wax:

The secret is our exclusive triceraphilic™ microfibre technology. Two outer microfibre layers gently remove and suspend dirt. Middle ceraphilic layer dispenses cleaners and waxes. As you wipe, cleaners and waxes are slowly released for even coverage.

Other Uses:
- On household furniture
- Shoes
- Major Appliances
- Bathroom tile, countertops, and tiles
- Engine Compartment

Partially Dry Glossers can be used:
- Motorcycles
- Trophies
- Model Cars

Auto Express Rated

"The Glosser cleans and adds gloss safely to cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and much more. No water or towelling required. Clean Tools have embedded cleaners and waxes right into the wipes! Great for clear coat and conventional paint finishes. Use The Glosser like any last minute detailer product. The Glosser is the first cleaning tool that contains cleaners and waxes in a triceraphilic microfibre wipe."

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