Swimming Towel - The Absorber® Large 69 x 43cm
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The Large Absorber® 69 x 43cm dries anything faster & easier. Available in 6 colours.
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Quick Drying & Fast Cooling

Whether you’re working out at the gym, playing tennis, swimming or going for a run, a common thread runs through all athletic activity — you’re going to need a towel afterwards. There’s nothing as effective at keeping you cool and dry after working out as The Absorber. The unique sponge-like PVA material and convenience of The Absorber makes it an extremely effective cooling towel. 

Swimming Towel

There’s a reason Olympic divers use The Absorber to dry off in between dives. The Absorber is a superior swimmer’s towel. If you are in and out of the water a lot, keeping dry in between will help you avoid getting chilly and help prevent your muscles from stiffening up. This means you’ll be more flexible and more prepared for the next time you get in the water, lowering the risk of injury. The Absorber XL provides extra-large drying capabilities to dry your whole body off faster.

Gym Towel

Nothing works up a sweat like working out in the gym or going for a run and The Absorber is the perfect sports & gym towel for keeping yourself comfortable. The Mini Absorber is the perfect sports cooling towel and easy to carry with you wherever you go, helping you stay cool and dry no matter where you workout or run. Taking care of your Absorber is easy, it's machine washable and can be stored damp in it’s compact container. Next time you go to the gym, take the Absorber.

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large absorber® 69 x 43cm
The Large Absorber® 69 x 43cm dries anything faster & easier.

Available in 6 colours.
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