Yacht & Boat Drying Towel - The Absorber® Large 69 x 43cm
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The Large Absorber® 69 x 43cm dries anything faster & easier. Available in 6 colours.
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Boat Lovers Towel

Dries SUP's To SuperYachts - Spend more time on the water.

1st Choice of Professional Yacht & Volvo Ocean Race Crews

Probably the best drying tool you'll ever use! The Absorber® award winning towel dries the brightwork, superstructure, hull & interior leaving nothing but a streak-free shine.

Use The Absorber to dry all water sports equipment after use such as dive gear, jet skis, SUPs, yacht tenders, fishing gear, water skis & wakeboards, the list goes on. It feels like a chamois leather to the touch only it holds 50% more water & dries 20 times faster than a microfibre & chamois leather.


When you're looking for the best boat cleaning products, look no further than our Boat Lover's™, The Absorber®. With over 3 sq. ft. of super drying power, it is vastly superior to a terrycloth towel and a leather chamois The Absorber's uniform, sponge-like pore structure enhances capillary attraction, that allows you to dry everything faster and easier. Often imitated, never duplicated, its proprietary manufacturing process ensures that there is no other drying product quite like the Absorber.

For those in the yachting and boating world, the phrase "Don't leave the dock without it" certainly applies to the Absorber®. Handy for fast and thorough wipe downs of dew, spills, splashes and swimmers, the Absorber is used professionally and recreationally on lakes and oceans throughout the world.

The Absorber makes the best 1st Mate

Unlike similar products The Absorber can be stored damp in its tube so it is ready to use anytime or anywhere and is machine washable. 

- Absorbs water 20 times faster;
- Holds 50% more water than a chamois leather & microfibre
- It won't scratch or remove wax and is lint free
- Resistant to most chemicals
- Unharmed by grease and oil
- Lasts for years with normal use
- Use it anywhere you'd use a towel, chamois or sponge
- Loved by professional yacht crews to get the job done quickly
- Machine washable
- Available in up to 6 colours

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The Large Absorber® 69 x 43cm dries anything faster & easier.

Available in 6 colours.
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