Home Drying & Cleaning Cloth. The Mini Absorber® 33cm x 43cm
£ 10.99
Fits perfectly in your glove box for use on your windscreen or soaking up those unwanted spills. Great for motorcyclists and cyclists for cleaning and drying on those rainy days. Perfect for kitchen and bathroom use.
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Spend Less Time Cleaning & Polishing


Fast kitchen clean up

The most common cleaning task in your kitchen is mopping up all the spills, splats and drips on your table and worktops. Rather than rely on the same old dish cloth or paper towels to handle the job, you can rely on The Absorber to take care of it quickly and cleanly.

It can easily be wrung out and reused over and over again. Originally created to handle big automotive drying jobs, The Absorber’s porous Poly Vinyl Alcohol sponge soaks up spills fast, leaving nothing behind. The Absorber cloth is made of a mildew-resistant material and is machine-washable, so it’s perfect for replacing dish cloths & tea towels. It works beautifully with household eco cleaning products on worktops, taps, stainless steel and other kitchen surfaces.

Easy bathroom shine

The Absorber’s unique material also makes it a great choice for cleaning the bathroom. This absorbent towel makes short work of smudgy mirrors, shower doors tiles and taps leaving a streak-free shine that sparkles like a brand-new car. All of our cleaning products are free of harmful chemicals, so you can use them without worry on every surface in your home, knowing that you won’t be exposing your family to harsh by-products. The Absorber comes in three convenient sizes and an array of colors, so you can easily designate a specific size and colour to a particular room or task.

Dries anything faster and easier...

  • Machine washable with regular laundry

  • Store the mini absorber damp in it's tube so its ready to use anytime or anywhere

  • Store in glove box for your your windscreen or soaking up those unwanted spills

  • Great for motorcyclists for cleaning and drying on those rainy days

  • Use it on shower screens/tiles etc. Stops limescale buildup & mildew

  • Great for camping expeditions (packing away damp tents is a thing of the past)

  • Available in 6 colours making the absorber an ideal gift for family and friends!

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